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Edit As You Read, Not As You Write

By: Jane Sumerset

Editing your text while you write is perfectly possible. However, being able to do one thing doesn’t mean it’s what you should be doing.

When you write, it’s always best to let the words just flow. Judging what you put down on paper as it happens leaves you second guessing your work. Not only does it break your flow, it wastes a lot of time doing something best accomplished much later on during the process.

It is really an advantage in your part as a writer if words just suddenly came out on your mind and certain ides are forming while you keep on writing. That’s because you don’t have to waste your time thinking about the possible words and ideas that you needed in elaborating your topic.

When there’s a major idea that keeps on flowing right in your head about your topic, then you are on the right way to manage your own writings in a creative way where the concept is totally unique unlike copying someone’s work.

If that happens, what you need is to write it all down. Don’t bother if you had committed a lot of grammatical or spelling errors. You need to catch up with how your mind thinks ‘cause if won’t do it, you’ll find it hard to start your writing your contents later on.

But when you are done writing with your first draft, then you can get rid of those grammatical errors and spellings. Furnish your writings even more and start editing your piece. Yes, this is the time where you need to edit your work. Every writer must have to undergo the editing process.

This is where they make their writings looked well. Proofreading and rewriting is also part of this process.

Then you can organize your ideas well and format you writings in order for your readers to understand what your topic is all about. Here are guides for you to do to get a clearer vision about the writing task:

The Writing Phase

During the writing phase, your job is to write. Whether you do it from an outline or from a clear idea in your head, the goal is to take those concepts and put it into words that other people can read and understand.

What about clarity? What about good grammar? What about active sentences? While those are important, they are best taken care of after you have the first draft done. The faster you write that first draft, the sooner you can work on “decorating” the piece.

Editing Phase

In the editing phase, you read through the text and decide which errors to fix, which parts to dress up and which sections to leave out altogether. The goal is to fashion your writing into a form that will be palatable to your readers, with the intent of helping them to understand your message.

Would you ever use a writing software while you’re in the middle of creating your second paragraph? Of course, not. The common sense logic behind that is the same reason why you’d want to reserve editing after the initial pieces is written.

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