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Have You Ever Heard of a Custom Essay

By: Jason Creation

If you find a particular subject very difficult or if you have not had the time to do sufficient research for one of your assignments, you might want to think about getting a custom essay.

A custom term paper or essay is a paper where someone else does the research on your subject and writes it out for you. Although such papers are only meant to be used as a guide for writing the paper in your own words, many students are tempted to get a custom essay and hand it in to their professor as if it were their own work. The problem with this is that when you do this, it’s regarded by the educational establishment as plagiarism or cheating and this is a serious offense in an academic institution.

It’s unfortunate that today’s students often have many roles as a student, parent and worker and to try and combine everything is highly impossible. The good thing about custom essays is that the time consuming research has been done for you, but you should still write the paper in your own words using the research that you didn’t have time for.

You should pay attention to the research contained in a custom essay because it is material that you should be familiar with. If you don’t make a point of learning what is in the paper, then your professors will assume that you have a certain level of knowledge on a particular subject when, actually, you don’t.

There is another problem with some custom essay sites, which are, they resell papers over and over again, which means that unless you rewrite it in your own words, you could be handing in exactly the same essay as someone else.

Most genuine custom essay sites ask students to sign a form stating that the paper will be used for research purposes only and if it’s found that a student has handed in the work as their own, they will be barred from the site. The problem here is that unless a complaint is made to the custom essay site, the site owners have no way of knowing whether or not the student has passed off the custom essay as their own.

One of the things that students miss if they decide to hand in a custom essay as their own, is that their professor might already be familiar with their particular writing style and will question any work that deviates too far from what they expect.

People are divided on the issue of custom essays, while some may believe that it’s ok to use a custom paper as a research resource, other people believe that students should not use custom essays under any circumstances. It’s all very well for people to take such a view and certainly some writers will not write any custom papers.

Students really do need to learn to do their own research and to write their own essays if they don’t want to end up without any answers when it comes to exam time. If you feel that you have no other option other than to use a custom paper, then at least rewrite it in your own words and try to digest the research material it contains.

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