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How To Add Emphasis To Your Statements

By: Jane Sumerset

Some portions of your writing will need to be given more emphasis than others. Does writing with emphasis that important? But why? It’s pretty much obvious that writing with emphasis in your statements gives you readers a clearer point of what you are trying to convey a message towards your audiences.
If you don’t want to confuse your readers about what you are going to say for them, then write clearly, legibly and most of all, write with emphasis.

It’s up to you to decide which ideas, in particular, those things need to be. Using specific words and phrases, along with proper placement, can do a lot to help you put an accent on the main ideas that you want to pursue. As long as it is a complete thought with a clearer vision of the action. Do you know how to write that way? You don’t need to burn out your midnight candles, it’s just so easy. All you have to do is to have an open communication towards your readers. Write as if you are talking to them openly and for them to understand your piece

Tell them. The simplest way to make sure your readers pay closer attention is to tell them. Using words and phrases like “especially,” “actually,” “in particular,” and “above all” immediately makes the point that the succeeding statement needs to be given more weight. There are still a lot of words that will help you to approach your reader’s interest about the topic. Just use it in the right way.

Repeat key words. If you want the reader to pay particular attention to something, then include it in your sentences repeatedly but not always as it will only bore your readers while reading your text. Just repeat those important words in a unique and different sentences or thought. Where it is enough for them to familiarize and understand the subject more.

Reading about it several times over sends a clear message: you need to remember this word. Do note that employing this technique poorly can lead to text that’s a pain to read, using the same word over and over. You’ll need to strike a balance somewhere. Use your writing software – it can help clue you in if you cross the line.

Breaking a pattern. If you establish a pattern during a sequence of texts (e.g. positive characteristics of a product) and suddenly break it (e.g. bust out a negative trait out of nowhere), the varying part will be given more emphasis, as the initial dissonance forces the reader to pay attention.

Put it in the end. Good writers usually put the main clause after the subordinate clause for a reason. Putting it in the end ensures that it receives the most emphasis. Same holds true for conclusions, the end of paragraphs and other similar points in the material.

Lastly, review your work over and over so that you will be able to determine whether there are thoughts that you need to add or omit. Chances are, you can even spot any grammatical and spelling errors.

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