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How To Write Technical Materials For Your Audience

By: Jane Sumerset

Writing for an audience sucks. Why does it have to be that way? That’s because you’ll always have to put their reaction to your material as a first consideration. Besides, who is going to read your piece? Don’t tell me you are writing just for yourself only? There are so many styles in writing and the main reason why it has to be that way is for their audience.

It can be of any form like a letter whether it is an informal or business letter, publications like books, magazines or news story, reviews, research papers, projects, proposals, classified ads, speech and a lot more.

All of these are addressed towards your audiences. It can be your teacher, your boss, you classmate and the whole crowd who happens to read your work. Writing involves influencing the public’s minds, sharing valued information, critics or argumentations, human interest and so on.

Of course, if you never consider your readers, there’s likely very few people willing to stick around to read what you write. Even worse, those that do will likely finish your piece largely unaffected. Your readers serve to be an inspiration in your part in order to write nicely and worth reading articles for them to love it.

What you need to do as a writer is to enhance yourself in writing well organized contents whatever writing task was assigned to you. Just don’t tend to get worried because there are a lot of ways and techniques to write effectively for your audience. These writing guides might help you to develop your writing skills more:

A Short Leash

Have you ever seen technical manuals dripping with style and flavor? While panache does have its place, I usually read through those pieces and groan. I never read a technical material to be wowed by the author’s talents. Usually, I go through these types of documents in order to learn something about a product or a process. While amusing, I find all the extra words a huge waste of my time.

In truth, you need to keep yourself on a short leash when you write technical materials. Keep your focus on what matters and avoid venturing into decorative territory. Make sure to use your English writing software to check for possible transgressions.


If you truly want to write for your audience, your technical materials must be written clearly. A regular reader like me should be able to look at it and not end up intimidated by the words. I should be able to go to the section I need and not be distracted by items that do not serve to give me what I’m searching for.

Technical Terms

Don’t be afraid to use technical terms. This is particularly true if your anticipated audience don’t consist of absolute dolts who are ignorant about the subject. As a writer, you should be able to ascertain which “jargon” can be used and which ones are best simplified. This helps make the piece more succinct and, ultimately, more useful.

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